Building Relationships

Building Relationships

Feeling very excited and privileged to be back in Jaipur working on a new set of prints. This will be our forth collection and I can’t wait to share it with you all!

Over the last four years we have learned a lot about the block printing process and have developed a strong relationship with our partner and their artisans who work with us year on year.

Block Carvers

Getting to know the artisans over the last four years has been a real pleasure. This year more than ever I felt that this long term relationship has led to an openness and familiarity that allows a real creative discussion during the fabric sampling process. I had a brilliant day in the workshop sampling my new collection with the young design intern Khushboo who is studying at the Indian Institute of Craft and Design, printer Dharmender, Master Ji Jagdish and owner Khushiram Pandey. Between us we came up with colour variations that I had not considered and the result was even better than I expected.

Block Printing Workshop

I adore the block printing process and am keen to see the craft prosper and develop. For me the process is as important as the final product as it is through this journey that the prints take on such a unique and unparalleled individuality and I love the connection that it gives me to one of my favourite cities in the world.

Watch this space for more about our process, our upcoming photo shoot in Pushkar, my time in Jaipur and maybe a little Hindi lesson or two :)