Waste Knot

Waste Knot

Our fabric runs are small as all our designs are printed in very small batches with the goal of creating unique hand crafted pieces that will be loved by, and be unique to you. Working in small runs allows us to control waste and our personal involvement in the process allows us to see exactly what is left over to help us understand where we can improve and help us come up with ideas to reduce waste.

Since we began in 2016 I have been keeping my leftover block printed fabric as I knew I wanted to use them for something but couldn’t quite put my finger on the right idea. I didn’t want to make something that would just be put away in a draw and forgotten. So I sat on it until the right idea revealed itself to me.

Mt Fuji SunriseView of Mt Fuji from lake Yamanakako

In April this year I finally made my long dreamed of trip to Japan (boy was it worth the wait!). The landscape, culture, language and food were all so inspiring from the glorious sunrise at the foot of Mt Fuji to the Kawai Monster Cafe in Hirajuku the trip was full of contrast, excitement and inspiration.

Kawai Monster CafeKawai Monster Cafe, Harajuku
Historic Higashiyama, KyotoHistoric Higashiyama, Kyoto

There was one small thing that kept catching my eye as I went from city to city. Such a simple idea that has been a tradition in Japan for more than a thousand years.

Furoshiki (Japanese Fabric Wrapping) has many uses. Using only a single cloth and a variety of knots you can create endless ways to wrap items from daily shopping, lunch boxes and gifts for special occasions. It is the gift wrapping that I really fell in love with and this was the spark I had been looking for. Not only had I found a use for my leftover fabrics but this idea will also reduce the waste of traditional paper wrap.

Furoshiki Fabric Wrap

For years I have been using and decorating brown paper as gift wrap since I found out that much of the commercial paper is not recyclable. So the idea of a wrap that can be used over and over again, being passed on from friend to friend, family to family seemed so simple and so beautiful I didn’t have to think twice.

Our no waste Furoshiki fabric gift wrap will be available in a variety of prints from September this year.

“The ties in furoshiki represent the ties between people and using furoshiki to wrap things is a way of wrapping up and presenting our feelings, making furoshiki a fantastic communication tool.”

Yamada Etsuko, The Furoshiki Handbook 2015