The Story

One thing anyone who knows me will agree on is that I just love India!
My first trip to India was in 2012 and it transpired to be a totally life changing experience. Still, even then, I could not have imagined that only a few years later India would become my second home.

In 2015 after 3 years of biannual trips along the width and breadth of the country, after an ever increasing fascination with bollywood and battling to learn Hindi with the help of a book and CD, I finally decided to up sticks and see what it was like to be in India more permanently. I found a host family where I could take daily Hindi classes in Jaipur and off I went. Surprisingly enough this was my first experience of Jaipur or any part of Rajasthan for that matter, and I was bowled over by the place.

Rajasthan’s romantic landscape of forts and palaces worked its magic on me and before long, not only had I fallen for the place but I’d also found myself a romance with a hot air balloon pilot who, I am happy to say, is now my husband.

It was on one of my very early trips to India that I had discovered block printed textiles and over the years my wardrobe had transformed into a celebration of colour. Drawing on a 9 year background in graphic design I decided in 2016 that I would turn my hand to block printing and so Blocked by Clark was born.

I have been very fortunate to find an amazing block printing partner in Sanganer (a town historically renowned for the art of block printing) which is only 30 minutes drive from where I stay in Jaipur, who with amazing precision and expertise is able to transform my designs into the most beautiful block printed items.

Block printing is a traditional craft that has been practiced by the Chhipa community in Jaipur and the surrounding area without change for centuries.

The textile design is drawn onto the woodblock which is then hand carved to create the printing block. Once the block is ready and has been soaked in oil for a couple of days it is then dipped into a colour tray and used to stamp a repeat design onto the fabric that is pinned to a long printing table. This requires the skill, steady hand and attention to detail that has been passed down through the generations of this community. Layers of colour are applied using multiple blocks. Each block applying a single colour.

The completely handmade printing process means that no two items will ever be identical making each piece absolutely unique.

All original designs printed in limited numbers.

Unique woodblock printed textiles. A fusion of centuries old traditional Indian craft and a passion for the less ordinary.